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Ask Me!: How do I find auditions?

QUESTION FROM: Maria Hi I’m an 18 year old girl living in NYC and pursuing an acting career I’m also a student at Borough of Manhattan Community College. I’ve been searching nonstop online for any auditions for possible commercials, student films, short films or maybe even independent films and I haven’t found any. I know […]

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Ask Me!: Essential Audition Websites?

Anonymous asked: What are the essential audition websites that a NYC actor needs to know about? I know only of Actors Access and Backstage. – Alexandra from Atlanta Hi Alexandra, Casting Networks, Actors Access, Backstage, Casting Frontier, and iActor if you’re SAG-Aftra, are all great sites. I think there are others if you are in […]

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Actors Access announces new low budget and student film contract!

I’ve done so many student films. All to gain experience on sets and to build reel. However, if you look at my film reel there is not a single student project on there. And it’s not because they were bad or I was bad. It’s because I never received a copy of my work. Today, […]

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Actors Casting/Breakdown websites and services: To Pay or Not to Pay?

To Pay Or Not To Pay? Well, it depends. A friend recently asked me about a casting website for voiceovers in England. I didn’t have any real feedback for her regarding that particular site but it made me think about the casting venues that I do know and that I use here in the US […]

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