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Ask Me!: Doubt and self-consciousness?

QUESTION FROM: Carly How do you get over being self-conscious and self-doubt in acting for example you participated in plays then left that community for a long while and would like to  come back. How do you steel brace yourself to perform in front of others? Hey Carly, Thanks for your question. I’d say self-doubt […]

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Photo Credit: Yan Norman, 2011

The Swan and the Crow

Recently a young person sent me a question regarding introversion as an actor. It reminded me of my personal struggles as a teenager and my life-long work in using introversion to serve me as an actor. One of the things it reminded of most was that there are a few different types of people. Mainly, […]

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The 10 Qualities of an Actor

One of the first things my class ever discussed with one of my favorite acting teachers John Osborne Hughes. And it has stuck with me for all these years. I highly recommend signing up for a class with him the next time he is in town. I believe these are also the qualities of a […]

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BAD SHOW! – How to survive a disastrous performance

It is inevitable, even with a well-oiled show, that we will have one VERY BAD performance. Everything will go wrong: lights will blow out, set pieces will break, offstage microphones will be switched off, a zipper will get stuck. And, to make matters worse the audience will be in a collectively judge-y state of mind […]

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Alan Rickman: An irresistible force

Over the years, the British actor has built an impressive gallery of rogues and romantics. To him, it’s just storytelling — and a love of language. By Patrick Pacheco, Special to the Los Angeles TimesNovember 20, 2011 Reporting from New York —— Alan Rickman is aroused from a heavy-lidded languor recognizable from so many of his […]

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