Offering advice to actors in NYC

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New episodes will be available the first and third Tuesday of every month.

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The NYC Actor Podcast: Ato Essandoh – Part Two In the second part of our interview with Ato Essandoh (Garden State, Blood Diamond) we discuss the process of auditioning and callbacks with the likes of Martin Scorsese, letting go of the desire for fame, and what it’s like to work on a TV show wit 5/8/12 Free View In iTunes

The NYC Actor Podcast: Copper’s Ato Essandoh – Part One Ato Essandoh (Garden State, Blood Diamond) Skypes in from Toronto where he is currently shooting the new TV show Copper. In Part One we discuss the unlikely journey from chemical engineering to acting, how film, theater and TV are the modern forms of stor 5/2/12 Free View In iTunes

The NYC Actor Podcast: Real Time Casting’s Andrew Peters Andrew Peters Skypes in from Australia to talk about his new online voiceover database and casting service Real Time Casting,  coining the phrase “The Psychology of Trust,” and even offers a little advice to AFTRA and SAG. The NYC Actor Podcas 2/15/12 Free View In iTunes

The NYC Actor Podcast: “The Actress” star and creator Ann Carr Ann Carr, the star and creator of web series “The Actress” Skypes in to talk about investing in yourself and your career, and never letting anyone hold you back from your goals. This podcast is also available for download at iTunes The Actress 11/2/11 Free View In iTunes

The NYC Actor Podcast: Former ICM agent and director/producer/writer Jim Jermanok Former ICM agent and Director/Producer/Writer Jim Jermanok gives us the skinny on how to find the representation that will give you the leading edge in the industry, what exactly making a “big choice” in an audition means and how to help your 8/23/11 Free View In iTunes

The NYC Actor Podcast: Voiceover Queen Fiona Jones How do you book acting and voiceover work? According to Fiona Jones it’s 85% about being confident! Fiona, a voiceover artist/actor/writer/producer and founder of The Manhattan Theatre Source and The Estrogenius Festival, gives some indispensable ad 8/16/11 Free View In iTunes

The NYC Actor Podcast: Award Winning actor Juliette Bennett talks about making a career for yourself. Juliette Bennett skypes in to talk about her current film The Couple, winning awards, signing with an LA manager and breaking your “type” mold. Oh, and a little on-set makeup advice. Follow Juliette’s career at the links below: Official 7/19/11 Free View In iTunes

The NYC Actor Podcast: UCB’s Amy Heidt (Last Resort, Booze Cruise) talks D.I.Y. Actor Amy Heidt comes in to talk about creating your own work, how to get over being afraid of writing, and being discovered by Judd Apatow.* To follow up with Amy’s career please visit her website www.amyheidt.com and GO AND SEE The Last Resort at 7/5/11 Free View In iTunes

The NYC Actor Podcast: “Hair’s” Andrew Kober talks about performing on Broadway, the West End and what it is to be “Likeable” Andrew Kober pops in to talk about performing in Hair on Broadway and the West End, what it’s like to work with agent’s and managers, and going out on “General’s” – among many other things. This podcast is PACKED with a 6/20/11 Free View In iTunes

The NYC Actor Podcast: Actor, improviser and filmmaker Yang Miller talks about booking commercials/films, and his Big Black Car Yang Miller pops in and talks about his unorthodox career as an actor. We chat about booking commercials and films, networking and how to get comfortable with your type. Visit http://www.yangmiller.com to find out more about Yang and to follow up on his career. 6/6/11 Free View In iTunes

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