Hello there,

Welcome to The NYC Actor – an advice blog designed purely for actors (but good for everyone..).

As an actor living in New York, I have begun to work more and more on higher-paying jobs, and auditioning/meeting with some of the biggest hitters in the entertainment industry. What I have realized is that there is very little information out there to assist a conscientious actor in their quest to become a truly successful business person in the field. There are tons of books and websites on how to be a good artist, which is brilliant, but what happens when you find yourself on the front-lines, as it were, of this gigantic and new business world? How do you make the right steps? What are the right steps, even? What do I need to be prepared for? What does a professional actor need to have to get their foot in the right doors? How do I get, and keep a good agent? What type am I? How do I write a cover letter? What should my headshot/resume look like? And so on and so forth.

My goal here is to answer as many of those question as possible in the most straight-forward way I can so that you as an actor can glide into success with grace – rather than fumble around blindly hoping and praying that you don’t screw up and piss off the wrong person or team of people, etc., etc.

By sharing with you my experiences as they happen, you’ll be able to sift through the ashes of my successes and failures and hopefully find your self a couple of diamonds to help you on your way. And, as I mention in my title’s intro at the top of the page, this is not the Holy Grail/”be-all, end-all” of how to succeed in the entertainment industry. It’s just one woman’s guide.

It is also my hope that this can become a place where people will share their experiences, correct me when I’m wrong, offer alternate approaches/advice, or just offer their opinions/agreements/disagreements in the comments sections.

Ultimately, Francis Bacon said it best: Knowledge is Power. So here is a little knowledge from me to you. I hope you enjoy!

Good luck in your life as an actor!

Angela Dee


2 Responses to “About”

  1. Hi my name is Meredith,
    I went to school in Los Angeles for a couple of years and hated living in L.A. And I didn’t get so much as an agent there.. I really want to do theater and have won awards and many lead roles in my home town of Reno… My question is, I am thinking of moving to NYC in October but I want an agent before I get there and I have sent about 50 resumes and headshots…. Do I need an agent in NYC or should I just try and get or on my own? I have heard mixed reviews should I keep trying and if so what are good agents to apply to in NY? And I haven’t been sending a demo reel to any of the agents is that really inportant?

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