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Name your Headshot and Resume files!

I just had a brief stint casting a project and what was curious to me was how many actors had their headshot and resume files incorrectly named. And even incorrectly formatted. You have to think for a moment that when you submit yourself to a project that a given casting director is receiving a lot […]

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It’s not all about New York

I woke up to this email today. It was in the comments field of another post and I felt like I should share it: Hello Mrs Angela, I’ve been wanting to be an actress since I was 10 years old. I am 18 years old now, and it has been difficult. I have learned that […]

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Acting Advice

Ask Me: Headshot, resume and my name?

Anonymous asked Hey Girl! Question about headshots: I read all the tips and pointers but do you put your name on the headshot too? Does it get framed out with the name at the bottom. I’ve seen your resume, do you attach it to your headshot? When you go into a blind audtion how many […]

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An Actors Toolkit

As an actor who wants to be taken seriously in the professional world (aka entertainment industry, y’all!!) there are a few things you should have handy. Here is a basic checklist if you’re just starting out: HEADSHOT RESUME WORKING PHONE WITH VOICEMAIL EMAIL ADDRESS WEBSITE MONOLOGUES REEL AUDIO DEMO (IF DOING VOICEOVERS) ACCOUNTS WITH ONLINE […]

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