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Ask Me!: Can I audition without the correct visa?

QUESTION FROM: Aidan Whytock  Hi NYC Actor, Thanks for your blog – very insightful. I’m moving to NYC from Cape Town, SA, for 3 months as I have the opportunity to take up a room there. So I’m coming over to:1. Experience a new life and have a quick change from Cape Town.2. Finish editing […]

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what is a voiceover auditon like?

A voiceover audition is usually like this: Arrive at casting office (or agents office) Sign in Get copy Read copy to yourself for five minutes Be called in to the recording booth Record 2-3 takes Leave – Sometimes you will need to record from home. You’ll be given a deadline to send in your takes […]

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Anecdotes on the Job: Clean hands and feet!

You’ve got to remember about your hands! I seem to forget that with commercial auditions your body is quite frequently (and for lack of a better way of saying it) a prop. So much of the time there will be closeups of the product with you holding it, eating it, playing with it, etc. And […]

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