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Name your Headshot and Resume files!

I just had a brief stint casting a project and what was curious to me was how many actors had their headshot and resume files incorrectly named. And even incorrectly formatted. You have to think for a moment that when you submit yourself to a project that a given casting director is receiving a lot […]

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Acting Advice

Ask Me!: Submit before or after I get new headshots?

thenycactor: Help! I’ve seen some auditions coming up that I’d be perfect for but I only have an old headshot. Should I submit it anyway or wait until I get new ones? Anonymous Submit! Never let small things like not having the perfect headshot, resume, reel, haircut (etc.) stop you from applying for work or […]

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Actors Casting/Breakdown websites and services: To Pay or Not to Pay?

To Pay Or Not To Pay? Well, it depends. A friend recently asked me about a casting website for voiceovers in England. I didn’t have any real feedback for her regarding that particular site but it made me think about the casting venues that I do know and that I use here in the US […]

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