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– Best Movies 2013! (Not that you asked)

Holy moly! Catching up with the award-nominated movies and performances for this year and I am already totally blown away. This is one of the best years in a long time. Especially acting-wise – both ensemble and individual work. If you’re a cinephile, and/or mad about acting, here are the top films I heartily recommend you see as soon […]

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Acting Advice

The NYC Actor – What is a SAG??

What is SAG, AFTRA, EQUITY?: An in-depth look at SAG: As usual, if you have any questions for me it’s a good idea to look around the site first as it’s quite likely I’ve already answered it. The NYC Actor – What is a SAG??.

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Commercial Contract FAQ | Screen Actors Guild

Here is some MUST-HAVE info on SAG contracts. (Follow the link for the full article/webpage) The FAQs are intended to provide brief answers to the more frequently asked questions. For further information regarding any of these topics, please refer to the appropriate section of the Contracts or call the Commercials & Industrial Department for assistance. […]

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Ask Me! – Print work pay rate and SAG?

Anonymous asked Do you have to be SAG in order to do print work? Also how much does print work pay? Nope. There may be print jobs associated with SAG commercial campaigns you’ll do, but as I understand it there is no union for print work – and therefore no set pay rate, either. Print […]

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Ask Me! – SAG card from commercials?

Anonymous asked Q: Is it true some people can obtain their SAG card from doing a commercial? A: Yes. That’s how I got both my SAG and AFTRA cards! via The NYC Actor – Is it true some people can… Ask Me! – SAG card from commercials?

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