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Farewell Philip Seymour Hoffman – The world of cinema mourns.

  “In my mid-20s, an actor told me, ‘Acting ain’t no puzzle,’ ” Hoffman said, after returning to his seat. “I thought: ‘Ain’t no puzzle?!?’ You must be bad!” He laughed. “You must be really bad, because it is a puzzle. Creating anything is hard. It’s a cliché thing to say, but every time you […]

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Wicked’s Willemijn Verkaiks tips for musical stardom – BBC News

Willemijn Verkaik has played Elphaba (the Wicked Witch of the West) in Wicked over 1,000 times and performed in the musical on Broadway and now in London. Dutch-born Verkaik is widely considered to be the “ultimate Elphaba” – one of the most iconic roles in modern musical theatre. She has also had starring roles in […]

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Acting Advice

Ask Me: Non Union Print (with option to broadcast)

QUESTION FROM: anonymous Just wondering if you would know the answer to this one.  A SAG actor is chosen for a (non union) print job and is asked if they can use the stills for a tv broadcast commercial.  Would this fall under the SAG jurisdiction? Great question. As always, questions regarding the unions are […]

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Ask Me!: Latin American exams good for US colleges?

QUESTION FROM: Maria I m from Latin America and my dream is to make it in Hollywood, this year i started acting lessons and eventhough i m still a little bit shy, i m getting better a it. I m also studing english, next month i m sitting for the firs certificate exam, which is […]

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Ask Me!: How to find online auditions?

QUESTION FROM: Maria Hi, I’m 18 years old and a college student who’s pursuing an acting career. I’ve been doing school plays all my life and now that I’m in college I would like to try something different like filming. I would love to be part of student films and short films etc,. The bad […]

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