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Acting Advice

Ask Me: Non Union Print (with option to broadcast)

QUESTION FROM: anonymous Just wondering if you would know the answer to this one.  A SAG actor is chosen for a (non union) print job and is asked if they can use the stills for a tv broadcast commercial.  Would this fall under the SAG jurisdiction? Great question. As always, questions regarding the unions are […]

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Anecdotes on the Job: Clean hands and feet!

You’ve got to remember about your hands! I seem to forget that with commercial auditions your body is quite frequently (and for lack of a better way of saying it) a prop. So much of the time there will be closeups of the product with you holding it, eating it, playing with it, etc. And […]

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Glossary of Industry Terms

Have you ever been in an audition and had the Casting Director say “..and Slate” and you freeze in terror because you haven’t the foggiest idea what the frick she’s going on about? Or have you arrived at a call back and had the monitor ask you if you need sides, to which you respond […]

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