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Ask Me!: A good survival job for an actor?

QUESTION FROM: Elizabeth I saw on an old post that you were a paralegal as a survival job — how did that go? I’m an actor and I’ve done all sorts of survival jobs, but I’m looking for something more steady. I’ve just read differing opinions on how flexible the paralegal schedule is and am […]

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What is your advice for the actor who hasnt been able to find a survival job and it has caused their career to not be able to budge.

Well, I would say perhaps you have to broaden your idea of the term survival job? There are a great many things we can do as actors to supplement our income. For inspiration, here are some things that I have done personally: Dog-walker House cleaner Babysitter Dishwasher Waiter Bartender Legal Assistant/Paralegal Receptionist Casting Assistant Film […]

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