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Yang Miller

The NYC Actor Podcast: Actor, improviser and filmmaker Yang Miller talks about booking commercials/films, and his Big Black Car

Yang Miller pops in and talks about his unorthodox career as an actor. We chat about booking commercials and films, networking and how to get comfortable with your type. Visit http://www.yangmiller.com to find out more about Yang and to follow up on his career. * Please forgive some poor audio glitches. The problem has been solved […]

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How One Actor Went from Tumbleweeds to Commercial Booking Machine

RAPUNZEL, RAPUNZEL, CUT YOUR HAIR!! Psst. Over here. I kind of wanted to keep quiet about this. They say that baseball fans are extremely superstitious. Well, if that’s true, than actors aren’t far behind. Every actor knows, when you feel like you’ve figured something out, unlocked the answer to some actor riddle, and it’s working, […]

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Commercial Auditions: A Step-By-Step Walk-Through

I LOVE auditioning for commercials. They are usually ridiculous and require on-the-spot memorization or improvisation. Sometimes you have scripts, or “copy” (as they call it commercially,) and sometimes you don’t. Oftentimes it’s about your reactions to something that is happening and sometimes it is about how well you can manage technical jargon. No two commercial […]

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