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From Audition to Set: My first commercial booking

Over on The NYC Actor on Tumblr I was asked to talk about my first booking. I chose my first commercial because that is the better story! There was a posting on Actors Access for a Comcast commercial. I was working with a non-union agent at the time but I wasn’t going out that much. […]

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What are your thoughts/advice for someone who is having trouble booking work?

The act of booking work is not a science. It is really a mystery. There are so many variables that go into to casting that as long as you are doing your best work when you audition you sort of have to let it all go when you leave and have faith that “what’s for […]

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Hold Yer Horses

Don’t celebrate until the check’s in your hand and the spot’s runnin’! I don’t know if you’ve seen this season’s Mad Men, but they illustrate this point brilliantly with the Patio commercial story-line. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-AgTnQok3RU I cannot tell you the amount of jobs I have been hired or on-hold for that have fallen through. Just last week I […]

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