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Ask Me! – Extra work without credits?

Anonymous asked How do you become an extra actor/actress in NYC with no acting experience? Sign up with Casting Networks and submit to every background posting you see as soon as you see it. The earlier you submit, the more likely you are to be called. You can also submit a headshot to Grant Wilfley Casting.

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Anecdotes on the job: They’re listening!

I was recently doing a little background work. I had been placed on a street corner with another lady and we were standing in one spot take after take. I started to get a sore back about an hour (or lets say 5 takes) into the second to last scene of the 10-hour day. It […]

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Extra Extra!

I’ve avoided doing extra work for a long time after doing a ton of it in my early 20s. As a non-union actor it can be a lot of standing/sitting around for very little, if any, pay. When you enter the union world, you are treated slightly better. Your hours are monitored and you get […]

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