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Learn to Ignore First Refusals!

One day I hope to be at a point in my carreer where a “First Refusal” for a job has zero impact on my day. It’s very exciting to get any kind of positive feedback for an audition – especially if it’s for a big job – but it’s imperative for your sanity to keep […]

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Know Thyself

Getting comfortable with your “type” – or, in other words how the rest of the world sees you – could be one of the most important things you do as an actor. So many of us are confused, even deluded, about who we are and what type of roles we should be playing that we […]

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What to wear? What to wear? – The Commercial Callback

I was just about to get started on the follow-up to What To Wear? What To Wear? and tell everyone what I’ve been told to wear to a call-back. But just before I did, I went to my very own callback and and had a bomb dropped on me. Well… That’s a tad more credit […]

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