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VANESSA BRANCH « Arude Magazine

My first, published interview! I had the opportunity to interview British actress Vanessa Branch for aRrude Magazine. We talked about her background, her amazing accent skills and more… In your own words, how would you describe yourself as an actress?I’m not sure how to answer that.  I’m not sure that who I am as a […]

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Reblog from Tumblr: Amazing speech accent audio archive

siegel: Click to hear a speech sample, read from the same piece of text, anywhere in the world. I like this website, too. Although it won’t help you nail an accent all on its own. You have to do some serious research by watching documentaries, TV, listening to local radio from your desired accent-region.. But […]

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Character Typing Survey

It is good practice to get familiar with your “type” as an actor. What is a “type”? It is the character/persona that the you are identified as. For example: Meg Ryan was always type-d as the “Quirky girl-next-door”; Angelina Jolie the “Femme-Fatale”; Joan Allen is a “W.A.S.P.”; Jack Black might be a “Crazy, funny, fat […]

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