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Yang Miller

The NYC Actor Podcast: Actor, improviser and filmmaker Yang Miller talks about booking commercials/films, and his Big Black Car

Yang Miller pops in and talks about his unorthodox career as an actor. We chat about booking commercials and films, networking and how to get comfortable with your type. Visit to find out more about Yang and to follow up on his career. * Please forgive some poor audio glitches. The problem has been solved […]

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What to Wear? What to Wear? – Casual Dress

As with the headshot industry, what one wears to an audition is another changing landscape an actor strolls upon and should be a question revisited frequently. But, for our purposes today (August 27th, 2009) we’ll focus on what’s appropriate now.I received a few calls this week for on-camera, commercial auditions. The character description – as […]

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What to wear? What to wear? – The Commercial Callback

I was just about to get started on the follow-up to What To Wear? What To Wear? and tell everyone what I’ve been told to wear to a call-back. But just before I did, I went to my very own callback and and had a bomb dropped on me. Well… That’s a tad more credit […]

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