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Acting Advice

Ask Me!: Doubt and self-consciousness?

QUESTION FROM: Carly How do you get over being self-conscious and self-doubt in acting for example you participated in plays then left that community for a long while and would like to  come back. How do you steel brace yourself to perform in front of others? Hey Carly, Thanks for your question. I’d say self-doubt […]

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Chris Gethard – The Chase is the Thing and the Thing is the Chase

Find 15 minutes to grab a coffee and read this post from UCB staple and comedian-extraordinaire Chris Gethard. It is so worth it. ———- For Chris: I’ve always really wanted to get into acting and/or comedy but I’m terrified of failing at it. How do you get the courage to perform? – Anonymous Here’s a […]

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Anecdotes on the job: Stage Fright!

I’m occasionally humbled by new experiences as an actress. Like remembering how frightening auditioning can be, or developing a brand new skill, or just plain falling out of a voiceover-booth. But nothing has floored me quite like my experience performing in an improv show last night. I FROZE. I haven’t performed on stage for almost […]

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