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Ask Me! – Any websites to find monologues?

Anonymous asked Q: Do you know of any websites to find monologues? A: No, I don’t. I’m actually not a fan of monologue books, and such. I prefer to find my own through watching/reading my favorite movies/plays. That way I understand the world behind the monologue and the character even more deeply than I would […]

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Acting Advice

Ask Me! – In an audition, where do you look?

Q: talkingbreakfast asked At a singing audition, where do you look? At the casting directors, somewhere else? (Also, I should’ve asked this before my audition.) A: Hey talkingbreakfast! Thanks for asking – GREAT question. Whether you’re in a singing audition or a straight, theater audition doing a monologue, you should pick a spot on the wall […]

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Ask Me! – On-camera audition monologues?

Anonymous asked So when I audition for Student Film, Short Films etc they ask for monologue. I have trouble finding one and it becomes a headache. Where can I find one and what could be a good way to find one that works for you? I’ll be writing a more detailed article on this soon, […]

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An Actors Toolkit

As an actor who wants to be taken seriously in the professional world (aka entertainment industry, y’all!!) there are a few things you should have handy. Here is a basic checklist if you’re just starting out: HEADSHOT RESUME WORKING PHONE WITH VOICEMAIL EMAIL ADDRESS WEBSITE MONOLOGUES REEL AUDIO DEMO (IF DOING VOICEOVERS) ACCOUNTS WITH ONLINE […]

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