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Advice for the week: Honesty is not always the best policy.

I have a friend who once told a very powerful casting director that he would not be able to attend a call-back (or it may even have been a booking, I don’t remember the details) because he was a bartender and the date of said conflict was St Patricks Day – which was the biggest day […]

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Anecdotes on the job: A case for every actor to own a smart-phone and to get to your auditions EARLY!

Ironically, I just mentioned a similar scenario to this yesterday, so I’m being put to the test here! Today, I had an audition for an Australian Progressive Auto Insurance commercial. My agent told me to do an Australian accent. Fine. I can do that. I’ll swat up a bit the night before and get to […]

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Anecdotes on the job: Break-neck Speed!

I just had to record a VO audition from home. The direction was “young, animated and under 22 secs.” Fine, right? Well, sure.. unless the text you’re reading is technically 30 secs in length at best and not one of those hi-speed legalese tags. No, I’m still responsible for sounding like a normal human being. […]

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