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Ask Me! – How to get an agent?

hollyweirdo asked Hi, I just started up acting again after graduating college. I’ve done several student films and theatre productions. Now I’m looking into getting representation. I’ve been… Ask Me! – How to get an agent?

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Acting Advice

Ask Me: Do you need an agent to work in NYC?

 Anonymous asked Hi my name is Meredith, I went to school in Los Angeles for a couple of years and hated living in L.A. And I didn’t get so much as an agent there.. I really want to do theater and have won awards and many lead roles in my home town of Reno… My […]

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Do I pick up that phone??

What do you do when you eventually start receiving phone calls (because it’s going to happen – mark my words!) from agents and such regarding auditions and call-backs? When I first got started in this industry, the pager was in. Eughh!! That makes me sound ancient.. Most agents and casting directors would simply call it, […]

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Book out!

For those of you who don’t yet know, “booking out” is when you alert your agent of an upcoming conflict in your schedule that would inhibit you from going out for an audition, etc. For example, I am shooting a film in Memphis at the end of September. This will take me out of commission […]

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VO Agents Won’t Sign Foreigners

I was just given some fascinating information about representation as a foreign voiceover artist. I currently freelance with a few different agencies in the city and after booking a number of “big” spots was curious why no one was signing me. Then, thanks to the insight and wisdom of my new voiceover coach, Peter Rofé, […]

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