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Poll: The Best Acting Class in New York?

What are the Best Acting Classes in NYC?

Morning all! I am hosting a poll over at Facebook about the best acting classes in NYC. It is a question I get asked a lot and it’s a tough one to answer seeing as it’s impossible for me to attend every class in New York (however, if people would like to invite me to […]

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On-Camera acting class with a professional filmmaker!

On-camera acting classes for offer in NYC are quite interesting, because if you search them you’ll notice that they’re primarily taught by casting directors. That’s a really good coup if you’re looking to network and get your face out there – especially if you’re already familiar with working on-camera. But, what if you actually want to […]

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You’ve been framed! – Acting for camera

If you are auditioning for an on-camera project ask the CD/shooter/director what the frame is – or in very poor lay-terms where the outside of the shot is in relation to your face. Is it close-up, medium (head and shoulders) or a wide? WIDE <– This is the outside of the shot/FRAME MEDIUM CLOSE UP […]

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