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New York Acting Schools & Coaches

New York Acting Schools & Coaches By Backstage Staff | Posted Jan. 27, 2011, 5:04 p.m. Share: The following is a list of New York–area stage and film acting schools, teachers, and coaches organized by category and alphabetically. Each of the entries contains the following information, if applicable: name of teacher or school, address, phone […]

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Acting Advice

Ask Me: Donelli or Ornstein acting classes?

Anonymous asked I’m stuck on picking which acting class I should go with. I would like your opinion on who I should choose, which is better? Is it Bruce Ornstein Acting Workshop or Donelli Acting Class?Everyone else is telling me to go with Donelli acting class, because they invite Agents and Casting Directors to their […]

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Ask Me!: Career coaches?

Anonymous asked Who are you favorite acting career coach? Ex. Dallas Travers Me! LOL. I don’t have any experience with acting career coaches. Everything I know I’ve learnt on my own (that’s how this blog came into existence, afterall) My favorite acting technique is with the coach John Osborne Hughes. He is from London and […]

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