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Ask Me!: CESD?

How long does it take to hear back from CESD NYC after interviewing with them?

Well, it all depends on how the interview went and if they felt like they could work with you. Generally, they will let you know when they meet you* – it doesn’t serve anyone to keep people hanging. So, if they told you that they’d like to start sending you out and you haven’t heard anything then it’s possible they haven’t seen a casting suited to you yet. So be patient.

However, if they didn’t say that they wanted to work with you in the interview then it probably means that they aren’t going to. So best to let it go.

From what I understand CESD does not freelance – they only sign. Which means that you will definitely know when you meet with them if you will be working together.

On another note, if you find yourself in the position to meet with an agent/agency, then make sure you ask them these sorts of questions.

*I have some first-hand experience of this with CESD to contradict myself a little, because it is never all that cut-and-dry in this business. I met with agents in voiceovers, print, and on-camera. I felt like everything went well – they were very sweet and polite – but in the end they didn’t have a place for me in any other department than voiceover. But they didn’t say so. I just never heard from the other departments. I did hear from the voiceover department and I’ve been with them for about 5 years. I work with Paradigm for on-camera. When I met with Doug Kesten he told me – in no uncertain terms – that we would start working together, what that means to him, how I will need to behave, and what to expect. It was very clear.

Hope that helps clarify things for you.

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Angela Dee is a professional actress working in Film, Theatre, TV, Commercials and Voiceovers. She currently lives in New York.

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