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Ask Me!: Springtime for casting?

 Anonymous asked: Hey Angela! So Spring is around the corner next week (…unless it snows again), and I’ve been hearing a few things about Agents and CDs having a habit of looking for new talent during this time. If so, aside from being in something with exposure and moment, mailings or performing at those networking companies (AC or One on One), what are some other ways of getting their attention. Professionally, of course.

I’m not privy to springtime scouting sessions by agents and CD’s but perhaps it’s true. And if so then I think you listed everything you’d need to do to be seen by them.

The best way to get “exposure” is to be working. You’ve got to be doing your work in front of people as much as possible. That’s why classes, auditioning, reading for CD’s and agents at casting companies, doing showcases, making your own show’s, etc, are the best thing to be putting your spare time towards.

If spring is really the time people start looking for new talent I’d say get yourself ready for next year. Put yourself in an environment where your work can be seen by these people. That means signing up for a scene-study showcase, or any of the above suggestions.

I wish I could be more helpful in this area, but it’s a total mystery to me, too!


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