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Ask Me! – Nudity?

Anonymous asked
Just booked a short film requiring nudity..what to do with hair “down there?” Thank you!

One of the more bizarre questions I’ve been asked, for sure.

I’d find out exactly what kind of nudity is required of you, make sure you have a contract (and someone to go over said contract with you so that you’re covered/protected) and then have a think about your character.

Who is she (I’m assuming you’re a lady…)? Where does she come from? Is she comfortable with nudity? How does she feel about her privates (meaning is she frigid/shy? An exhibitionist? Free-thinker?)? What year is the film set? Etc, etc. That should help you decide what to do. It’d be ridiculous if you are playing a woman in the 70s with 00s landscaping – or the reverse. You should also feel comfortable having this conversation with the director. After all, he/she is the person you are working for and it’s their vision you are serving. So, it should be a subject you can feel comfortable talking about.

Although, I will say, try not to over-think it.

Good luck.

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