Sinking her teeth: Olivia Colman on Drama and Comedy

The Daily speaks to Olivia Colman about her meaty ‘Tyrannosaur’ role


Like Christmas, Oscar buzz comes earlier every year. One actress who already has tongues wagging is Olivia Colman for her role as Hannah, a battered woman who befriends the arbitrarily rage-filled Joseph (Peter Mullan) in actor Paddy Considine’s feature-length directorial debut, “Tyrannosaur.” It’s a film far more consumable than its subject matter might suggest, with breathless editing and a tight 90-minute running time. But it’s Colman’s intuitive, nuanced performance — in a role that could have easily devolved into melodrama — that shines brightest.

We talked to Colman about the film by phone.The Daily: How exciting have the past two months been for you?Olivia Colman: Incredibly exciting. The Oscar buzz still does seem a little silly. It seems like something that happens to other people, not someone from South London. It’s hard to take seriously, but incredibly flattering.The Daily: Your background is in comedy. Did you surprise yourself with this performance?

Colman: When I read the script, I was terrified of letting Paddy down, but quietly I thought, “I can do it.” This job is the dream I’ve had since I was 12.

The Daily: Is there a reason you got involved primarily in comedy and not drama?

Colman: Purely by accident, I think. I left drama school thinking I’d be doing all sorts of serious plays and dramatic roles, but it just didn’t happen. I got work in comedy. There is a big sort of imagination, I suppose, across the board: “Oh, she does funny? We’ll see her for funny.” It takes someone like Paddy to see something different.

The Daily: Did you have a sense that this film was extraordinary while you were making it, or did it just feel like a small, British movie?

Colman: It never felt small. We knew we were constrained budget-wise, but Paddy kept saying, “We’re not making a small film; we’re making cinema.” We were aware we were making something special. We didn’t know how many people would see it, but we wanted to do it to the best of our abilities.

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