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Ask Me! – La or NYC? A Young actor looking to get into TV/Film.

kevinortegarojas asked

Hello! Just found your blog, I love it!! It’s such a smart idea. Well, anyway, I am from the NYC area as well. I started taking acting classes and being coached when I was ten, I am now sixteen. Since then, I have only done two indie features, two webseries, one television pilot, and about 4 shorts/studentfilms. I am currently looking for representation. Although, I am considering leave NY for LA. I feel like the NYC market does not pay attention to the clean-cut 16 year old boy. I feel like NY is the city of dance and LA is the city of acting. Should I try? Or what can I do to get more jobs on the east coast?

Thanks alot!


Hi Kevin,

Thanks so much for sending in your question.

I’m not sure I agree with you that LA is the city of acting. Rather it is the city of TV and on-camera work – although, NYC is starting to make a big push in that area, too.

If you are a clean-cut (as you say), young actor and your goal is to do TV and film then you might be wise to consider a move to LA. I might recommend researching some local NY talent agents that specialize in youth (CESD is a good place to start and they’re bi-coastal) and send them your headshot, resume and a cover letter asking them the question you’re asking me. You might find that they can help you answer that question better than I ever could.

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