What are your thoughts/advice for someone who is having trouble booking work?

The act of booking work is not a science. It is really a mystery. There are so many variables that go into to casting that as long as you are doing your best work when you audition you sort of have to let it all go when you leave and have faith that “what’s for you won’t go by you.” 

I’ve been freelancing with one of my commercial agents for nearly 2 years and I’ve NEVER booked anything with them. I’ve been put on hold, got first refusals and callbacks, but I’ve never actually nailed a job with this specific agency. And we have no idea why. So, as an experiment, I decided to make a physical change (I cut my hair) to see what would happen. I haven’t been on many auditions since I did it, but everything I have been out on has returned great results: I booked a film and I got called back for a big commercial. 

So sometimes, if you’re not booking work, it can be as simple as your look. Maybe shake it up a bit.* I met an actress who went from being a red-head to a brunette and started booking work immediately after.

It is also possible that your audition technique is off. Practice makes perfect so be patient and trust that your time will come.

You should also be open to checking in with your actual acting work. You might need to jump back in to a class and work out some kinks. 

* If you are going to change your look, I would recommend taking some time to do it. If you have access to a stylist have a chat with them to see what might be a fun thing to do. Or, if you have a good relationship with your hairdresser, ask them if they have any ideas. Also, don’t be afraid to make the wrong decision. You never know what will work so be brave and find the fun in the whole experiment. Oh, and hair DOES grow back!

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About The NYC Actor

Angela Dee is a professional actress working in Film, Theatre, TV, Commercials and Voiceovers. She currently lives in New York. www.angeladee.com

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