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Ask Me! – In an audition, where do you look?

Q: talkingbreakfast asked

At a singing audition, where do you look? At the casting directors, somewhere else?

(Also, I should’ve asked this before my audition.)

A: Hey talkingbreakfast!

Thanks for asking – GREAT question.

Whether you’re in a singing audition or a straight, theater audition doing a monologue, you should pick a spot on the wall behind the casting director* and make that spot the person you are singing/speaking to. Most casting directors don’t like (actually, most hate) to be looked at directly during an audition, primarily because a) it makes them uncomfortable, and b) they might take notes or talk with the director or someone else in the room and it can be distracting/difficult to do if the actor is staring straight at them.

Of course, if the casting director asks that you look at them, then I would. But, I’m trying to remember if that has ever happened to me and I can’t.

But don’t fret. If you’ve been looking directly at them up until now, don’t panic. If the casting director is worth their salt, and if you are right for the part, they will look past it. And there are far worse audition-room crimes to commit than this!

Good luck : )

*If you are auditioning with a reader you should absolutely look at them. And if you are auditioning on camera without a reader, ask the casting director where they want you to look if they don’t tell you up front.

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