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Ask Me: Auditioning – Where should I start?

Anonymous asked
Hi There! I’ve been reading your blog for about 4 months now and I love it! I just moved to LA (my BFF lives here) and I really want to start auditioning. HOWEVER, I am extremely inexperienced. The last thing I’ve done was in college and that was about 4 years ago. I will be taking an improv class and possibly an acting for commericals class. But I want to be ahead of the game and get my resume together and what not. Where should I start?

Hi! Thanks for reading : )

I think it’s a great idea to sign up for classes. So, you’re on the right track there. I’d ask around and get some feedback from the new actors you meet about other classes you can sign up for, too.

The next thing you should do, if you haven’t already, is sign up with Actors Access, Casting Networks and the Casting Frontier. You’ll be auditioning in no time. If you are light on the resume I’d recommend taking on student films and non-union theater work to get experience and also to help you network. But, overall, you should really just apply for anything that you think you’d be cast in.

In addition, I don’t know if there is an Actors Connection or One on One in LA, but those kinds of industry seminars can be a good way to meet agents and casting directors. So you might ask around about that.

Good luck!

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Angela Dee is a professional actress working in Film, Theatre, TV, Commercials and Voiceovers. She currently lives in New York.

3 Responses to “Ask Me: Auditioning – Where should I start?”

  1. Thanks so much for your help.

  2. Hi Angela,

    My fiancee really wants to start a career in acting. He only has a little experience from when he was a teenager, back in our country. He wants to go to an acting school but we are not that familiar with schools here and wouldnt know what is a good school. We checked a couple online but everything it’s very expensive, like $25,000 a year. Do you know what is a good acting school in New York that is not very expensive? This field is very competetive in US and he fears he will finish school and will not get a job. In addition he doesnt where should he start?


    • I’d probably recommend the Maggie Flanigan Studio. It’s the Meisner technique, which works for some people and not for others, so you’ll be taking a risk in that area. But she offer’s a very affordable two-year program and people rave about her. I have not taken this course personally, so keep that in mind. Good luck!

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