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Ask Me: Mailers, getting out there, networking?

Anonymous asked:
Hi Angela,
I’m new to NY. I have been a SAG actor busting my butt in Los Angeles for a long time. I came here to pursue some education in a parallel career to to help support my addiction to acting. Now I am ready to dive in to acting here. I have often felt people might get me better in NYC. I am very clear on who I am as an actor and what I can offer. I am still trying to get myself together financially here so I am not currently looking for a class or casting director workshops especially coming out of 4.5 years in one class. What I am looking for is some guidance on how one gets in doors here with casting directors, theatre companies, agents, managers? Is there a protocol with mailings etc. ? Are there networking organizations that focus on marketing? In LA we have THE ACTORS NETWORK which is a brilliant place to navigate all sorts of the business. Any thoughts? I could tell you where to go for everything in LA but here it seems difficult to navigate where to begin. I am trying to
get on my feet financially and just left a class of four years so I’m not looking to jump back into classes or paid casting director workshops.

This is my feedback, but I’d be curious to hear what other people think. If anyone has another suggestion feel free to reblog/reply/retweet or comment either here or on Tumblr/Facebook/Twitter..

If you’re not open to seminars and classes (or you can’t afford them) the next best thing is to submit yourself for as many auditions as possible. Sounds simplified, I know, but I’d check Backstage, Actors Access and Casting Networks as they have access to some good breakdowns or at the very least go to Craigslist or even google “New York auditions” and get out there as much as you can.

You might also want to look out for free networking sessions. If you’re AFTRA or SAG they offer them once a week. Or you could research groups that meet up such as a book club, movie/theater group, etc. There are even a few “women in the arts groups” that meet sometimes. Or start your own group. All the people I work with I have met thanks to the kindness of other people I’ve known in the industry. So networking is vital. I am actually in the process of writing about that so stay tuned.

As far as protocol goes for mailers the Ross Reports used to list which industry professionals would accept mailers and in what form. I haven’t used Ross Reports for ages (I think it’s even called something else now?) and I’ve never found mailers particularly helpful but casting/agent offices are usually quite vocal about how they prefer to be contacted. Unless you have something specific to say such as that you’re new in town, you’ve booked a show, you’re on TV (basically, that you’re working) or that you have new headshots, it’s not worth it.


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Angela Dee is a professional actress working in Film, Theatre, TV, Commercials and Voiceovers. She currently lives in New York.

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