Anecdotes on the job: A case for every actor to own a smart-phone and to get to your auditions EARLY!

Ironically, I just mentioned a similar scenario to this yesterday, so I’m being put to the test here! Today, I had an audition for an Australian Progressive Auto Insurance commercial. My agent told me to do an Australian accent. Fine. I can do that. I’ll swat up a bit the night before and get to the casting early so I can practice the lines and I’ll be golden…

Hold on a minute – not so fast, lady! Try THIS on for size..

When you get to the audition you will see that on the sides is this note from the casting director: Authentic Australians ONLY. We will ask you a number of questions up top like where you’re from and if you have some good Australian stories. Also, we want you to feel free to riff on the script. Enjoy yourself, let’s see your personality.

RECORD SCRATCH! What?!?!? Sh*t!!

OK. I have 20 minutes to spare because like a nerd I got to the audition VERY early. I grab the script and go out to the hall and drill it like crazy. Get the words in my bones and try a couple alternate lines just to be safe. I work on my “back-story” – I decide I’m going to say I’m from Adelaide AND Sydney (might help if they think my accent is weird) and I’ll mix in some of my real story just to make it look more authentic. Still five minutes to spare. I go online (Thank you SMART PHONE!) and google Sydney suburbs and choose a couple I could have lived in. I go with Manly and Bankstown. Fingers crossed they don’t ask me anything more specific. Go into the audition. Joke around with the assistant and the New Zealander who knew I was from England when I told him my name – gulp.. Then I’m asked the dreaded question I begin to launch into my spiel and the casting director stops me and says, “Cool. Just making sure because when I roll if you’re not Australian I don’t want you to get flustered.” Bollocks. Now I’ve lied bold-facedly to my only ally in the room. Oh well, nothing left to do except just go for it pedal-to-metal.

We do two takes and it’s done. I wait until I’m out of ear-shot form the CD and apologize to NZ-man for potentially butchering the dialect. He looks just as self-conscious as I feel. We both laugh. Probably won’t book this one, but Eff it. It was a valiant effort.

Now time for a coffee and a croissant for surviving the morning!

About The NYC Actor

Angela Dee is a professional actress working in Film, Theatre, TV, Commercials and Voiceovers. She currently lives in New York.

One Response to “Anecdotes on the job: A case for every actor to own a smart-phone and to get to your auditions EARLY!”

  1. >Ha! I love it!! xo, april n.

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