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Ask Me: Headshot, resume and my name?

Anonymous asked
Hey Girl!
Question about headshots: I read all the tips and pointers but do you put your name on the headshot too? Does it get framed out with the name at the bottom. I’ve seen your resume, do you attach it to your headshot? When you go into a blind audtion how many pieces of paper do you need? haha !

Yes! You must put your name on your headshot because most of the time casting directors actually rip off your resume. They’ll need to have a name to put to that great face they decide they like a year from now.

At the moment (Jan 2011) having a plain white border around your picture is the norm – and it’s the perfect place for your name. I suggest printing it on the bottom right corner. We westerners read from left to right and the eye scans the headshot left to right too, so it makes sense that the name should be down there. Make your name the same font as your resume and make it as big as you can get away with. Think of this whole thing as a pavlovian way to get your name AND face in the heads of important industry professionals.

I absolutely staple my resume to the back of my picture. I’ve been told that the least amount of staples you can use, the better (see 1st paragraph) but it should also be pretty secure. Thing is, it’s dependent on the agent/casting director/director/producer on whether or not to attach it at all, but I say for now, go with the fad of the moment and attach it with a least 2 staples (one on top, one on bottom). I wouldn’t recommend getting your resume printed on the back of your picture. Hopefully you’ll be working enough that you will need to update it too much. But you should be aware that resumes are generally 8×10 inches and resume paper is 8.5×11 inches. so you will either need pre-cut paper to print on or you’ll have to hand cut it to fit.


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Angela Dee is a professional actress working in Film, Theatre, TV, Commercials and Voiceovers. She currently lives in New York.

2 Responses to “Ask Me: Headshot, resume and my name?”

  1. Well done, Thank You!!!

  2. >Perfect! This helps tremendously!!!

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